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Homeowners insurance plays an important role in dealing with catastrophic risks for residents of the Florida Panhandle in Florida. Nationwide, in the United States, 1 in 15 homeowners file an insurance claim for damages to their home or property. Types of home insurance claims include hurricane damage, windstorm, flood, fire, smoke damage, and personal property theft.

The Florida Panhandle / Panama City Beach coastal areas are susceptible to severe tropical storm activity and hurricanes which creates additional risks to homeowners and businesses.

Attention: The local law office of Insurance litigation group is experienced and prepared to meet your home and business insurance legal needs resulting for the devastating damage of hurricane Michael. Available to visit your Panama City Beach home or business to inspect the damage, review your home or business insurance policy, and negotiate or litigate with the insurance company to obtain the maximum recovery under the terms of your insurance policy so you can make the necessary repairs and/or pay for reconstruction of your Hurricane Michael damage.

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How Florida Insurance Companies Can Deny or Limit Your Claim

  • Offer you a payout amount that doesn’t cover your damages
  • Allege that your claim is illegitimate or fraudulent
  • Claim that you did pay all of your insurance premiums
  • Fail to timely investigate or respond to your claim
  • Assert that your damage is due to a pre-existing condition
  • Suggest that your claim is not covered under the terms of your policy
  • Cancel your policy based on “errors” in your application

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Insurance Litigation group attorneys and professional investigators will gather evidence of your damages and will carefully review the insurance adjuster’s report. We will then properly file your claim. As insurance law experts our lawyers and professionals can represent your interests under oath, and be your legal advocate. Insurance Litigation Group will make every effort to make sure you get the benefits you deserve. If an insurance company is uncooperative, if necessary, we can initiate a lawsuit against the insurance carrier.

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the Panama City and Northwest Florida area

About the Panama City / Panhandle Florida community

The Florida Panhandle is the unofficial term for the northwestern portion of Florida which is the 200-mile area between Alabama on the north and the west, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Historically the area was named “West Florida” as a British colony in the 18th century and later the Spanish in the early 19th century.

References to the Florida Panhandle always include the ten counties west of the Apalachicola River, a natural geographic boundary, which was the historic dividing line between the British colonies of West Florida and East Florida. These western counties also lie in the Central Time Zone (while the rest of the state is in the Eastern Time Zone. References to the Panhandle may also include some or all of eight counties immediately east of the Apalachicola known as the Big Bend region, along the curve of Apalachee Bay.

The total population of the Florida Panhandle, as of the 2010 Census, was 1.4 million or 7.5% of Florida’s total population. The following counties west of the Apalachicola River are always included in references to the Florida Panhandle; Bay County, Calhoun County, Escambia County, Gulf County, Holmes County, Jackson County, Okaloosa County and Santa Rosa County.

Hurricanes in the Florida Panhandle Area

Hurricane Michael October 2018
Severity: Category 5 hurricane
Fatalities: 60
Damage: Preliminary over $15 billion

Hurricane Michael was the strongest storm on record to hit the Florida Panhandle, and was the fourth-strongest hurricane in United States history, in terms of sustained wind speed. Preliminary estimates indicate that hurricane Michael created over $15 billion in damage to the Panama City-Bay County area.
Approaching the Florida Panhandle, Michael attained peak winds of 155 mph and sustained winds of 125 mph (category 5) as it made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, on October 10, 2018. Hurricane Michael’s damage to the Florida Panhandle community has been devastating. The cities of Mexico Beach and Panama City suffered the worst of Michael, with catastrophic damage reported due to the extreme winds and storm surge. Numerous homes were flattened and trees felled over a wide swath of the panhandle. A maximum wind gust of 129 mph was measured at Tyndall Air Force Base which suffered with over $6 billion in destroyed aircraft. Michael subsequently tracked across the Southeastern United States, strong winds caused extensive power outages across Georgia and the Carolina’s.

Cities and towns in the Florida Panhandle affected by Hurricane Michael:
Mexico Beach
Panama City Beach
Port St. Joe
Laguna Beach
Rosemary Beach
(all Panhandle areas served)

Hurricane Eloise Sept 1975
Severity: Category 3 hurricane
Fatalities: 80 direct
Damage: $560 million

Hurricane Eloise was the most destructive tropical cyclone of the 1975 Atlantic hurricane season. Initially a weak and tropical depression, Eloise emerged into open waters of the northern Caribbean Sea; upon striking the northern Yucatan Peninsula, it turned north and began to re-intensify. In the Gulf of Mexico, the cyclone quickly matured and became a Category 3 hurricane on September 23. Eloise made landfall along the Florida Panhandle west of Panama City Eloise generated wind gusts of 155 miles per hour which demolished hundreds of buildings in the area. The storm’s severe winds, waves, and storm surge left numerous beaches, piers, and other coastal structures heavily impaired before moving inland across Alabama and dissipating on September 24.

The law firm of Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) aggressively represents the interests of home owners, commercial policyholders or contractors, to produce insurance claim recovery results through our deep knowledge of Florida insurance law and the insurance litigation process.

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We are a client-focused law firm that fights aggressively on behalf of residential and commercial policyholders, contractors, restoration and mitigation companies, to produce maximum recovery results from insurance companies through our unique expertise, deep understanding of insurance law, cutting edge technology and proactive approach to litigation.

Insurance Litigation Group serves clients across the state of Florida. With over 5 offices statewide, our attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience to resolve your dispute against the insurance company. 

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