Theft & Vandalism

Few things are more intrusive than having your personal property stolen or intentionally damaged by others. Being a victim of theft or vandalism is an emotional experience. If your property is stolen or vandalized, the first step is to contact the police. Having a police report filed at the time of the incident will be critical to the filing of your theft and vandalism insurance claim. Make sure to get a copy of the police report & review the report for any inaccuracies, and if there are any errors to then have the police department update the report on file. In addition to the police report, it is also crucial that you document all of your losses, including taking photographs of all property that has been damaged and gathering proof of ownership of the items stolen, like receipts, photographs, etc.

Loss due to theft is generally included in your insurance policy as part of personal property protection. Typically, homeowners (including renters and condominium) & commercial business owners have policies that include coverage for their personal & professional property. Most policies also include coverage for personal property while it is away from the home, subject to limitations. Please note that personal property limits are initially set as a percentage of your dwelling coverage, which determines how much your insurance provider can reimburse you for the theft. It’s important to set realistic limits based on the value of the items in your home so you don’t end up with a significant loss.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to interpret policies and rules to find any loophole to make sure they don’t have to pay or to minimize the amount of damage they must pay for. Depending on your policy, home insurance covers certain losses differently. There are certain exclusions for example, there may be an exclusion in your insurance coverage for personal property or individual types of damage, like broken windows. There are frequently exclusion rules like the property not being covered if it has been vacant for 30+ days.

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How ILG Can Help You

The attorneys at ILG understand that dealing with theft & vandalism damage is no easy task & we feel for what your family or business are experiencing due to theft or vandalism damage. Even if you obtain a police report and document the damage and do all the right things, your insurance claim could still be denied, delayed, or lowballed. The Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) Property Claim Attorneys have years of submitting theft & vandalism claims against the insurance company and are prepared to assist you in collecting the full value from your theft or vandalism claim.

The attorneys at The Insurance Litigation Group are experienced with Theft & Vandalism and we understand the insurance claims system. We know exactly what to look for and how to help you get the best result from your insurance claim.

  • We will be with you from the very start, explaining the terms of your policy and walking you through the claims process
  • We will conduct a home or business premises inspection, including taking photos of the damage
  • We will help you properly document your Theft & Vandalism insurance claim
  • We will file your claim and/or proof of loss statement
  • We will represent you at any examination under oath and recorded statement
  • We will aggressively negotiate and advocate settlement on your behalf
  • We will institute litigation and pursue it aggressively through trial, if necessary to obtain the benefits you are entitled to
  • We will meet and exceed your goals and objectives
  • And much more!

The Insurance Litigation Group is here to help! We offer all of our clients:

  • Free claim review
  • Free consultation

And at ILG we do not get paid until you get paid!

Common Types of Theft & Vandalism Claims:

While theft & vandalism claims can occur at the same time, they do have their differences. Vandalism involves damage to or destruction of one’s property in a malicious way. Theft is the act of stealing one’s property or personal goods. One of the biggest issues of theft claims is the proof of ownership regarding your items. Proper inventory of your belongings is always advised and recommended. Vandalism can occur at any time and is much more than graffiti, other types of vandalism can include:

  • Broken outdoor light fixtures
  • Damaged and broken windows
  • Home or place of business is burned
  • Defacing or spray-painting property
  • Tampered belongings
  • Destroyed Mailbox
  • And much more

With ILG we will fight for your property. So, if you are a victim of vandalism or theft, and are having trouble getting your insurer to cover the damages, let ILG fight for you to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

Our practice is statewide, and we have offices in Miami, Fort Pierce, Pensacola, Orlando, and Miramar Beach, Florida. Call ILG for sound advice and immediate assistance in your Florida Insurance Disputes.

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“We were so tired of non-returned phone calls from our insurance company. Their claim to having sent payment when they hadn’t was ridiculous. We had spent 6 months trying to resolve with no luck. We called Insurance Litigation Group and they resolved our claim simply and professionally.” 

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“I sent them a few cases, they do excellent work! I was very happy with the amount of money they got for my claims.”


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“They were very professional and courteous. They patiently answered all my questions. I highly recommend it!!”

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“I had a flood in my house and insurance didn’t want to pay me anything. I called them and they were extremely helpful. Not only did they get my insurance company to pay he got it done quickly and professionally. Thanks for all your help.”

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“It’s always a pleasure dealing with the Insurance Litigation group! Very professional and everyone that works there is on top of their game. They are always polite and respond in a quick manner.”

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