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At the Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. (ILG), we understand the auto glass industry & know your business depends on being paid the full coverage that comes from the work you performed. 

While it should be straightforward to be reimbursed following the replacement of an insured windshield, unfortunately it is not. Our clients are tired of having their claims denied or accepting significantly reduced payments offered by the various insurance carriers. 

If you find filing and navigating an auto windshield claim to be frustrating, time-consuming or difficult, then contact ILG now. 

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Our Auto Windshield Team Will

  • Review, analyze and interpret the policy to determine the full measure of payout you are entitled to under the policy. 
  • Promptly handle the windshield claim in a diligent manner. 
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline the legal process, significantly reduce litigation timeframe and aggressively increase the pressure on the insurance company to achieve maximum recovery. 
  • Institute litigation and negotiate settlements on your behalf. 
  • Pursue your claim aggressively even through trial in order to obtain the payment you are entitled to. 

You performed an important safety service for the consumer and are entitled to be paid for your work. Don’t let the insurance company have the last word. 

How ILG Can Help

At ILG, our Auto Glass Litigation Team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get reimbursed properly by the insurance companies. We work diligently to prepare and submit your windshield claims expeditiously. When the insurance company fails to pay your Automobile Glass Repair invoice in full, we sue them. It is that simple! You made the repairs so let ILG help you get YOU the full payment YOU are entitled to under the insurance policy. 

What Our Clients Say

“We were so tired of non-returned phone calls from our insurance company. Their claim to having sent payment when they hadn’t was ridiculous. We had spent 6 months trying to resolve with no luck. We called Insurance Litigation Group and they resolved our claim simply and professionally.” 

G. Monin

“Thank you for your swift attention to my case.  Everything ran smoothly.  They gave me multiple options and always answered the phone!”

M. Close

“Excellent law firm if you are having trouble getting your Florida homeowners insurance company to pay your hurricane claim fairly. They have an excellent reputation in the panhandle and throughout Florida.” 

A. Fiske

“Best law firm to deal with Hurricane Michael  home insurance disputes. They understand how to maximize your insurance payout when dealing with insurance adjusters and claims departments. Highly recommend.”

I. Britton

“We hired ILG when our public adjuster could push no further with our insurance company to get our claim settled after Hurricane Michael and he advised us to file a lawsuit. We recently settled and received our final payment checks a couple of days ago. My husband and I are very pleased with the results. ILG did a great job for us. Thank God for people like this to help homeowners when insurance companies don’t want to pay out after a disaster! I highly recommend ILG.”

J. Moore

“I was very happy with the time and work that ILGpa did for me. Without their help I would not have the positive results that I received. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend this group to anyone.”

M. Loranger

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We are a client-focused law firm that fights aggressively on behalf of residential and commercial policyholders, contractors, restoration and mitigation companies, to produce maximum recovery results from insurance companies through our unique expertise, deep understanding of insurance law, cutting edge technology and proactive approach to litigation.

Insurance Litigation Group serves clients across the state of Florida. With over 7 offices statewide, our attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience to resolve your dispute against the insurance company. 

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