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We know how challenging it can be working in the roofing industry.  Being up against many laws and regulations can be overwhelming.

In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed an Assignment of Benefits reform bill, Florida H.B. 7065, which took effect July 1, 2019. It laid out specific requirements as to what must be included or excluded in an effective AOB, along with strict record-keeping, as well as time-sensitive submission requirements of AOB and related documents to insurance companies.

The Property Claim Attorneys at The Insurance Litigation Group understand that roofing contractors can’t afford to wait around while the insurer engages in its delay tactics. You deserve to be represented by a firm that has a deep understanding of the AOB industry and a reputation for results.  Our Property Claim Attorneys are up to date on the new AOB requirements & can help your roofing company navigate the AOB maze. Let us review your procedures & documents to help you get paid on your roofing AOB claims.

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How ILG Can Help You

At ILG, we are a top-10 property claim law firm and our Property Claim Attorneys have been representing the AOB Roofing industry for more than a decade. Our team will jointly establish your goals and are determined to help you succeed with your cases against the insurance company. We have implemented processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the new AOB law and work closely with our AOB clients to give them the best chance at recovering their invoices.  Once your documents are compliant:

  • We will promptly handle your AOB dispute in a diligent manner
  • We will institute litigation against the insurance company and pursue it aggressively through trial, if necessary, to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled
  • Aggressively negotiate and advocate maximum settlements
  • Strive to meet or exceed your goals and objectives
  • And much more

Don’t Settle for Less & Don’t Let the Insurance Company Have the Last Word!

Over the past few years, many Florida roofers have stopped pursuing AOB claims because of these strict requirements. However, ILG has been successful in counseling roofers on the language of their contracts, claims procedures, and documentation to ensure their AOB claims pass muster with claims departments of Florida’s home insurers.

If AOB litigation is necessary to pursue payment on denied or underpaid claims, ILG’s insurance litigations attorneys file a lawsuit and are typically able to achieve a fair settlement.

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ILG is a leading boutique law firm consisting of professional, multilingual, experienced insurance litigation attorneys and support staff, servicing all of Florida. We know this business well and understand how to deal with these insurance company tactics. ILG will not take a percentage of your settlement. The entire amount of your settlement goes to your roofing company.

ILG’s experienced team of Florida Property Claim Attorneys are there for roofers with AOBs, that have been denied, delayed, or not paid.

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“The attorneys at Insurance Litigation Group really care about you in times of need.  They have handled literally thousands of cases involving homeowners who have experienced losses due to hurricanes, fires and plumbing disasters.  They actually came out to the house and assessed the damage and went back to our insurance company and ultimately got us the right amount of money to make our home whole again.”

- P. Carozzo

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