Fire & Smoke Damage Claims

No one expects to become a victim of a residential or commercial business fire. However, it is important to be aware of the possibility of fire damage. Fire damage exposes you, your family and/or your business to catastrophic circumstances. Your life may be put at risk, and your business’s ability to function normally may be inhibited.

Unfortunately, repairing fire and/or smoke damage comes at a high cost. Accordingly, the fire damage claim process may be more complicated and take longer than expected for your Florida insurance company to complete. When dealing with fire damage, there are so many other factors to consider, such as the resulting water damage from extinguishing flames, mold damage from the water and cleaning soot-and smoke-damaged items.

Florida property owners and lessees have trusted the Insurance Litigation Group for close to two decades to assist them through this emotional and complex process. ILG will help you navigate through the insurance claims process and ensure that you gain fair compensation for your property.

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How ILG Can Help You

The attorneys at The Insurance Litigation Group are experienced with Fire & Smoke Damage Claims and we understand the insurance claims system. We know exactly what to look for and how to help you get the best result from your insurance claim:

  • We will be with you from the very start, explaining the terms of your policy and walking you through the claims process
  • We will conduct a home or business premises inspection, including taking photos of the damage.
  • We will  help you properly document and present your fire insurance claim
  • We will bring in experienced fire clean-up and water mitigation professionals to handle the initial clean-up, as well as contractors who can assess the damage and help determine what it will take to bring your property back to its original condition.
  • We will assist you in getting temporary living expenses reimbursed by the insurance company. Like a serious hurricane or extensive flood, fire, smoke, and water damage can take up to a year or more to repair and rebuild. Ensuring the safety and sheltering of your family is very important to us
  • We will file your claim and/or proof of loss statement
  • We will represent you at any examination under oath and recorded statement
  • We will aggressively negotiate and advocate settlements on your behalf
  • We will institute litigation and pursue it aggressively through trial, if necessary to obtain the benefits you are entitled to
  • We will meet and exceed your goals and objectives
  • And much more!

The Insurance Litigation Group is here to help! We offer all of our clients:

  • Free claim review
  • Free consultation

And at ILG we do not get paid until you get paid!

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Common Causes of Fires in Homes & Businesses

The first step in preventing fire in your home or business is by educating yourself and your family members on the common causes of fires. Knowing the causes and risks will allow you to ensure that proper precautions are in place to prevent fire and smoke damage in your home or business. Below we have listed the most common causes of a house fire in the United States.

  • Home Heating Fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home heating is the leading cause of fires in the United States. The majority of home heating fires involved stationary or portable space heaters, and the leading factor contributing to these fires was a failure to properly clean the equipment.
  • Cooking Fires. The leading cause of home cooking fires and casualties is leaving cooking unattended. Home cooking fires tend to peak at the end of the year during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, if your kitchen is equipped with an electric range, you are at higher risk of fire than homes equipped with gas ranges.
  • Electrical Fires or Malfunctions. NFPA’s research from 2012-2016 showed that fires caused by malfunctioning or failed electrical equipment accounted for the highest share of civilian deaths and direct property damage.
  • Other common causes of home fires and smoke damage:

o Candle fires
o Christmas tree fires
o Firework fires
o Home grill fires
o Fires caused by smoking
o Intentional fires
o Children playing with fire
o Combustion of upholstered furniture
o Fires caused by laundry machines
o Fires caused by lightning strikes

NFPA explains that the most common causes of fires in commercial buildings are cooking equipment, heating equipment, electrical and lighting equipment, smoking and intentional fire setting. It is also recommended to keep workspaces clear of clutter in commercial or business settings to avoid the risk or fire.

Fire Damage & Associated Damage

Managing the aftermath of a home or business fire can be stressful. Do you know the right questions to ask your insurance company? Are you aware of the true costs caused by the damage? Partner with the Insurance Litigation Group, and we will ensure every aspect of your fire damage claim is handled correctly. With our expert team of professionals by your side, you can rest assured that your home or business will be transformed back to its pre-damage state.

Contact us today to speak with a Florida property insurance claim attorney and set up a free consultation and property inspection. We are prepared to answer all your fire and smoke damage questions, including the subjects below:

  • Being fairly compensated for your fire and smoke damage.
  • The proper protocols for securing your property
  • Getting your property cleaned up, repaired and rebuilt and taking the necessary steps to make your home or business safe to occupy again

Our practice is statewide, and we have offices in Miami, Fort Pierce, Pensacola, Orlando, and Miramar Beach, Florida. Call ILG for sound advice and immediate assistance in your Florida Insurance Disputes.


What Our Clients Say

“We were so tired of non-returned phone calls from our insurance company. Their claim to having sent payment when they hadn’t was ridiculous. We had spent 6 months trying to resolve with no luck. We called Insurance Litigation Group and they resolved our claim simply and professionally.” 

G. Monin

“Thank you for your swift attention to my case.  Everything ran smoothly.  They gave me multiple options and always answered the phone!”

M. Close

“Excellent law firm if you are having trouble getting your Florida homeowners insurance company to pay your hurricane claim fairly. They have an excellent reputation in the panhandle and throughout Florida.” 

A. Fiske

“Best law firm to deal with Hurricane Michael  home insurance disputes. They understand how to maximize your insurance payout when dealing with insurance adjusters and claims departments. Highly recommend.”

I. Britton

“We hired ILG when our public adjuster could push no further with our insurance company to get our claim settled after Hurricane Michael and he advised us to file a lawsuit. We recently settled and received our final payment checks a couple of days ago. My husband and I are very pleased with the results. ILG did a great job for us. Thank God for people like this to help homeowners when insurance companies don’t want to pay out after a disaster! I highly recommend ILG.”

J. Moore

“I was very happy with the time and work that ILGpa did for me. Without their help I would not have the positive results that I received. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend this group to anyone.”

M. Loranger

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