One Year Later: Florida Panhandle Still Recovering from Hurricane Sally

Sep 20, 2021

Roof damage with Marat

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Hurricane Sally tore through the Florida Panhandle. Panhandle residents are well aware that Hurricane Sally was a lot more destructive than a typical category 1 hurricane. Not only did the slow-moving storm have maximum sustained winds of 105 mph with gusts over 100 mph, but it also battered the Florida coastline for over 10 hours, dumping up to 30 inches of rain. Lingering at a 2-mph forward speed, Hurricane Sally relentlessly produced widespread wind, storm surge and torrential rainfall, which wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses.

Insurance Litigation Group’s field inspectors report that many homeowners have:

  • Unrealized damage that qualifies as a legitimate windstorm claim.
  • Underpaid claims not adequate to make proper repairs.
  • Inspections that discovered additional damage not addressed in the original claim.
  • Delayed tactics and unreasonable paperwork requirements.

If you’re a homeowner who feels that your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, not handled properly, or that your insurance proceeds were not adequate to cover the actual cost of repairs, you are not alone. Sadly, many homeowners have had to deal with similar issues including hidden damage lurking in their home.

Not only could hidden damage affect future property claims, but it could also cost homeowners thousands of dollars out of pocket if not caught in time. But don’t worry—at ILG, we have a team of aggressive attorneys and property claim investigators who know the many tactics property insurance companies use to deny, delay or underpay your claim. ILG has been in the Panhandle from the very beginning and our work is not done. Our team of property claim experts will fight hard to ensure the insurance company pays YOU the maximum amount you’re entitled to.

We are a top-10, statewide property-claim law firm with offices in the Florida Panhandle with over 15 years of hurricane claim experience, so we are very familiar with these cases

Contact our office to schedule an appointment today – we are determined to get you a rapid response and effective results. Even if your claim has been paid, we may be able to reopen it. Our experienced litigation team does not take “no” for an answer. We have already recovered millions for our clients from hurricanes Sally, Michael, Irma and many other storms and other natural disasters. We fight to get you paid!

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