Home Sales Could Be Halted by Possible Lapse of Flood Insurance Program

Jun 19, 2018

Now that hurricane season has officially started, Floridians are constantly facing the possibility of extreme flooding in their neighborhoods. With this continuous threat, it is important for home owners and buyers to ensure that they have flood insurance.

However, according to CNBC, the National Flood Insurance Program will lapse at midnight on July 31 if congress does not take action.

If the program is not reauthorized, it means existing policy holders are safe and can retain their coverage, but potential home buyers are in trouble. The government will be unable to issue out any new policies, preventing buyers whose lender requires flood insurance from closing on a purchase.

This lapse will ultimately force home sales to plummet.

Our team at Insurance Litigation Group knows and understands the damage and dangers that extreme flooding could cause. It is important to ensure that all home owners and buyers obtain flood insurance, but it is also important to ensure fair representation.

We at ILG have extensive knowledge of the tactics and the strategies that insurance companies may use to evade or underpay your claim. We can use our experience to get you all of the benefits that you deserve.

So if your property was damaged during a tropical storm, hurricane or other severe weather event or if you have roof damage, roof leak, pipe burst, plumbing backup, water damage, wind damage, mold, smoke-fire damage, lightning, hail, flood, theft, vandalism, or construction defects DON’T WORRY, the experienced and aggressive adjusters and attorneys from ILG are on your side. The ILG team, will help you determine what you are owed under your policy and will advocate on your behalf to see that you get the full benefits you are entitled to.

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