Homeowner’s Insurance: What May or May Not Be Covered After a Storm

Nov 23, 2019

Wondering about some specifics in regards to homeowner’s insurance and what it covers? It can be a fine line between what is covered and what is not.

If trees are ripped out of the ground and other debris is flying around during a storm, there are various factors that affect whether or not insurance covers whatever happens next.

Homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage fees if factors such as the following apply…

  • You meet your deductible
  • Your home or any other structure on your property is hit and damaged
  • Your car is hit and damaged

However, you must be aware that homeowner’s insurance does not cover everything. For example, if a tree flies onto your property but does not cause damage of any kind, you will be the one who is held responsible for removing the debris from your property and paying for that to be done.

Storms can cause all sort of damage. Make sure you know exactly what your homeowner’s insurance covers before a storm hits.

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