Florida’s Rising Storm Costs: A Brewing Threat for Homeowners as Global Warming Heats Up

Feb 1, 2024

Global warming is becoming a major problem throughout the world, including the expansive state of Florida.  This can be seen with our rising water levels, record-high temperatures and the growth in serious thunderstorms, those storms with damages exceeding a billion dollars.

According to an Aon Insurance study, there were 37 serious thunderstorms worldwide in 2023.  This compares to a historic average of 14 per year.  Another eye-opener was the total losses due to storms of $380 billion last year, of which less than a third were covered by insurance.

And no question, these risks apply to Florida homeowners concerned about the skyrocketing cost of home insurance.  The greater the risk of a hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, hail, or serious thunderstorm, the higher rates will go.

Just take a look at what many property owners in North Florida just went through in early January 2024.  Serious thunderstorms and tornados caused so much damage that Governor DeSantis had to declare an emergency in more than 40 counties across the northern portion of the state.

Insurance Litigation Group’s highly experienced field investigators and Florida insurance litigation attorneys have been on the ground assisting homeowners with their insurance claims to ensure they obtain the necessary recovery to make the necessary repairs and rebuild.

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