CASE STUDY: Insurance Settlement for Palm Beach County Homeowner

Sep 10, 2018

A Palm Beach County homeowner suffered damages to their home due to a kitchen sink pipe break. As a result, their kitchen cabinets and other portions of their home sustained significant water damage.

The owners submitted a claim to their homeowner’s insurance company, but the claim was denied, essentially disavowing any coverage for the loss. Although the homeowner paid their insurance premiums and had coverage at the time of the loss, the insurance company refused to pay them any money to repair the damage resulting from the water leak. This of course created a substantial hardship for the homeowner.

The homeowner ultimately hired the Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) to help them with this situation. An ILG loss consultant visited their property and examined extent of the damages. The loss consultant then generated a report that was used by ILG’s litigation team to determine the amount of damages caused by the water leak.

The results: Within 6 months of filing a lawsuit and aggressively litigating with the insurance company, the good news is, that ILG was able to secure from the insurance company a settlement of $14,000 for our client

If you have experienced anything similar and are having difficulty getting paid fairly for any damage to your home, give us a call to speak with an experienced insurance litigation attorney.  They will listen and answer any questions you may have about your insurance policy or probability of recovering insurance monies for your damage.

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