The Return of Tyndall Air Force

Nov 3, 2020

After talks of closing down Tyndall Air Force Base back in 2018, it is now becoming the ‘base of the future’. Hurricane Michael affected Bay County greatly- especially Tyndall. The destruction of this base led to it being on the Realignment and Closure Commission list- but was then changed from an active duty base to a reserve base. 

Many who have previously served at Tyndall wondered what the future of Tyndall would look like after the devastation back in 2018. While some worry arose, veterans still believed in the value of the base. Rebuilding Tyndall has included new ideas with the hopes of making it better while offering inspiration for the future for the Air Force. There are three squadrons of F-35s and one squadron of MQ-9s expected to land at Tyndall in October of 2023. This will bring airmen, as well as their families, to the Bay County area. Officials say that this ‘base of the future’ will simultaneously improve the economy by creating more jobs for people. 

This project will cost over $4 billion, requiring thousands of workers to assist with rebuilding this asset. There is a plan of having a village where workers can stay for the years it will take to rebuild Tyndall, which could also, in return, help the local economy. 

Just days after the two year anniversary of Hurricane Michael, the rebuilding process began at Tyndall. 

Both Tyndall officials and the Bay County community are working together to improve the area and create an even better quality of life throughout the area. Tyndall has been working closely with many local municipalities to improve the community as well as helping people find jobs.

Officials are extremely hopeful for the future of this ‘base of the future’, and are working hard to make sure Tyndalls’ return is successful.

It has been almost two years since #HurricaneMichael, and residents are still dealing with the aftermath.

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Photo: USA Today

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