Protection from Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto

Jun 11, 2018

Assisting Florida Homeowners, Businesses AOB Contractors and Public Adjusters with their Subtropical Storm Alberto Insurance Claims

Subtropical Storm Alberto was not only the first storm to be named for the 2018 hurricane season, but it was also the ninth named storm in history that has made landfall on the United States before June 1. Alberto hit land on May 28, 2018, near Laguna Beach, Florida, and it continued to travel north, hitting parts of the Carolinas and Alabama. As the subtropical storm traveled through northern Florida, wind speeds reached 45 miles per hour but eventually dropped to 40 miles per hour. Alberto also brought in eight inches of steady rain as it made landfall which caused flooding and damage for some communities.

Representing Florida Homeowners in Subtropical Storm Alberto claims

If you are a Florida homeowner and your house has experienced damage from the heavy rainfall or strong winds, be sure that you are receiving full and fair representation from your insurance company. If the company is not providing what they promised, don’t hesitate to give the Insurance Litigation Group a call. Our claims consultants have a unique understanding of insurance law, allowing them to take a proactive approach to litigation.

Our experienced attorneys will review your insurance policy, any claim-related documents, and the damage done by the storm. With this knowledge, they will be able to help you with your insurance claim. Their goal is to make sure you have the necessary funds to repair your home.

Insurance companies may begin using delay tactics so they won’t have to deal with your claim and dish out recovery funds. These companies can be difficult to negotiate with by yourself, so it is advised you not attempt any negotiations without legal representation. Claims can be complex, and often times insurance companies will make low-ball offers or deny claims. We can help make sure these companies are not falling short on the promises they made when you first bought your policy.

Representing Restoration Professionals and other Contractors to Collect on Subtropical Storm Alberto AOB Claims

Often times, insurance companies attempt to negotiate for less than what you invoiced them or they don’t make the invoice payment in full. These companies may try anything they can to limit or delay the assigned benefits that you could receive for restoration. But the damage left behind by the storm has no time to wait. Without emergency cleanup, further damage could be created and more money for restoration would be needed.

A slow response and/or partial payments by the insurance company is unacceptable. When these companies withhold their full promise of benefits they are doing more harm than good to a community. As a restoration professional, you work hard to repair all damaged homes and businesses before matters get worse, and they should be recognizing that.

You shouldn’t feel compelled to take a low-ball offer from the insurance company just so you can get on with your business. Nor should you feel that you need to take care of negotiations on your own to get the benefits you are really entitled to. We can help you fight.

The Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) can assist you in any dispute regarding the prompt, full payment of policy benefits. We fight to recover what you are owed until a fair settlement is reached. There is no need for you to suffer and fall victim to the delay tactics of your insurance company anymore.

ILG is here for you. When you hire us there’s no need to worry about legal fees, they are paid by the insurance company, not you. We also strive to make AOB disputes easier on you. For contractors with multiple claims, we offer an advanced, password-protected case tracking system. It allows you to follow the status of each of your cases, eliminating the daily calls to your attorney.

Representing Florida business owners with their Subtropical Storm Alberto Insurance Claims


It is important to know that commercial property claims are different from residential homeowner policies. Since the size of the claim is significantly greater on the commercial end, there’s greater exposure for the carrier. This pushes insurance companies to make a business decision that is more practical to litigate the claim than to quickly follow through and fairly pay the benefits. At ILG, we aggressively fight your insurance company’s delay tactics.  


At ILG, our goal is to help your company get back on its feet and repair the damage from subtropical storm Alberto. The ILG attorneys have experienced these delay tactics and uses proactive litigation, to speed up the litigation process and aggressively litigate and negotiate your claim with the insurance company through mediation or trial, all to make sure that you are fairly paid and receive the policy benefits you are entitled to.


Representing Public Adjustors and their Insureds in Subtropical Storm Alberto Claims Disputes


At ILG we have a unique understanding and appreciation of the role public adjusters play in representing insureds because the founder of our south Florida insurance law firm is a former public adjuster himself.


We at ILG understand the valuable role that public adjusters play in representing home and business owners looking for independent, professional representation for their property damage cases. Licensed Florida public adjusters provide an understanding of the scope, required repairs and estimated costs that will help repair the properties.


But, insurance companies can be difficult to negotiate with. Quite often, they deny public adjusters claims or provide an inadequate offer unable to properly cover the repairs of the property damage. Those are two of the many roadblocks that adjusters face in their fight against Florida insurance companies. Other hurdles include an experience with delay tactics, requests for unreasonable documentation and claims that the damage is below the deductible. Insurance companies don’t make it easy for the adjusters.


ILG attorneys have experienced these very same complications and have litigated hundreds of claims for public adjusters in Florida. Together, we are able to speed up the delayed process and maximize recovery funds for the insureds.


Let ILG put our experienced insurance attorneys to work and help you get all of the benefits that you deserve. Our experienced insurance litigation attorneys will:

  • Jointly establish your goals
  • Promptly handle your dispute in a diligent manner
  • Review, analyze and interpret the insurance policy and all the claim documentation and photos to determine the full measure of damages
  • Institute litigation against the insurance company and pursue it aggressively through trial, if necessary, to obtain the benefits you are entitled to
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology to keep you informed on the status of the claim(s)
  • Aggressively negotiate and advocate maximum settlements
  • Meet and exceed your goals and objectives.





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