Mayor: Mexico Beach’s character ‘not for sale’ after Hurricane Michael

Jan 16, 2019

When the first rays of sunlight broke over the wreckage of the Mexico Beach on Oct. 11, its 71 year-old mayor, Al Cathey, started to walk into the town to check on the people he had been elected by.

“You know, it was, I just knew from what I saw around my house, it couldn’t be good,” Mayor Al Cathey said. “What could be left?”

In the areas that were destroyed, for sale signs were already starting pop up. On real estate websites, pictures of hurricane-ravaged lots with only bits of stilts that once held up whole houses are becoming more common.

Cathey acknowledges that a lot more property will go on the market this year. Most of the properties standing are on the west side of town-battered by wind and storm surge will likely all be demolished. (Reword this sentence.) Rebuilding is very expensive.

As bad as the situation is, he plans to rebuild on the same spot. He is confident that the community will come together to follow suit and rebuild it the way they want it.

To read the full article, please visit Panama City News Herald.


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