Insurance Companies Fleeing Florida: What to Do Next?

Jul 21, 2022

Since 2017, six companies offering homeowners insurance in Florida have liquidated, and three more companies are being added to that list in 2022. Florida is known to be a complex home insurance market due to the damage risks that frequent storms pose, among other things. With Florida insurance companies liquidating or leaving the state altogether, many homeowners are fearing an insurance nonrenewal.

There is no one way to prevent this from occurring but there are some measures you can take to increase the insurability of your home. When little risk of damage is posed to your property, insurance companies tend to be more inclined to insure you. Here are some ways to make your property more appealing to insurance companies:

  • Maintain your roof: Keep your roof in good condition by inspecting it regularly and tending to any damage that occurs.
  • Install wind protection features: Florida home insurance companies are mandated by state law to offer discounts for certain wind protection features. Install storm shutters, wind-rated windows and wind-rated doors to help make your property more attractive to insurers.

Contact your insurance agent to see what your options are. The experienced attorneys at Insurance Litigation Group are here to help you with all your property damage needs!

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