Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Jun 21, 2018


During hurricane season, people usually wait until the last minute to scramble and pick up the emergency supplies they may need to outlast a storm. But if you don’t scramble fast enough, you may be out of luck. Within days of a storm being announced, shelves at the local supermarket are cleared out and drivers line up down the block to wait for a gas station. With hurricane season officially underway, we at Insurance Litigation Group want to ensure that you prepare sooner rather than later.

During a hurricane, a community could possibly lose their electric power, their water and their access to stores or gas stations. Depending on the intensity of the storm, a community may be left without these necessities for a few days after the storm as well.

In case the storm does cause a power outage, it is important to stock up on (1) extra flashlights as well as (2) portable radios. A flashlight could substitute as a lamp and a portable radio could provide you with updates about the storm and your community. However, since these gadgets run on power, you need to ensure that you have enough (3) fresh batteries to keep these items running.

A power outage could also cut off your access to kitchen appliances that are used to store or cook food. It is important you stock up on (4) dry food items that keep well, don’t need to be refrigerated and don’t require heating. There is also a chance stores will be unavailable after a storm, so be sure to purchase enough of these food supplies.

Items such as a (5) generator, a 12-volt deep cycle battery, and an inverter will be useful to stock up on as well. They can help power the TV and a few lights during an outage, however, they can’t power every electric item and they can’t run for multiple days.

In case the storm cuts off your water supply, it is important that you store (6) cases of water in your home. It is also recommended that you stock up on (7) paper plates, paper cups, and plastic wear because you will be unable to wash and reuse any regular items.

Other recommended items to stock up on for your home include (7) heavy duty trash bags for cleaning, (8) toilet paper, and (9) paper towels for general use, a (10) first aid kit and any medication that may be unavailable during or after the storm.

While it is important to keep the inside of your home fully stocked and prepared, don’t forget about the outside area surrounding your home. To ensure minimal damage,(11) bring all outdoor furniture inside, (12) trim any loose branches from surrounding trees and (13) cover all your windows with storm shutters.

After a storm hits, gas stations may have run out of fuel or they may not be up and running. Before the storm makes landfall, you should (14) fill the gas tanks in all your cars, empty gas cans.  Also, remember to check and fill your (15) propane tanks. However, be sure to securely store these items outdoors, they could be dangerous if kept indoors.

With hurricane season underway, it is imperative that you and your home are prepared. We at ILG suggest you stock up on all of these necessary items before the next storm makes landfall.



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