Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

Helping Florida Homeowners, Businesses, Contractors and Public Adjusters with their Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

Hurricane Irma was one of the largest and most devastating storms in Florida history.  Hurricane Irma first made landfall in the Keys on September 10, 2017, bringing Category 4 winds that reached 130 miles per hour and tore through South Florida before turning up the west coast of the state and ultimately impacting all major regions. The storm was the fifth costliest hurricane to hit the mainland United States, causing an estimated $50 billion in damage.

Representing Florida Homeowners in Hurricane Irma Claims

If you are a Florida homeowner and have received the run-around from your insurance company on a Hurricane Irma-related claim, give us a call so we can send over one of our experienced claims consultants to review your insurance policy, any claim-related documents and inspect the damage.

Our experienced insurance attorneys can help you navigate the insurance world and fight the insurance company to obtain the maximum recovery on your claim, so you have the funds to make the necessary repairs to your home.

Insurance companies frequently try to settle claims quickly, make low-ball offers or deny claims claiming damage is below your deductible.  We recommend not trying to negotiate with your insurance company without proper legal representation.  Claims can be very complex requiring the expertise of a seasoned insurance attorney.  When you bought your policy, your insurance company made a lot of promises. We believe they should be kept. Before signing any settlement with your insurance company, give us a call at ILG for a free consultation. No recovery — no fee.

Representing Contractors to Collect on Hurricane Irma Claims

Contractors deserve to get the insurance money they are owed on their Hurricane Irma claims!  How often has an insurance company chosen to not pay your invoice in full? How many times have they sent a check less than the invoice and said, “Take it or leave it.” Or, have they tried to negotiate less than what you invoiced?

Sound familiar? Such tactics or abuse by the insurance company is not acceptable. Such responses from the insurance company is not something your construction company deserves for your materials and good labor expended for repairing a damaged home or business.

What do you do when this happens to you? Do you take the low settlement money and get on with business? Do you try to negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster or claims office to get what you are really entitled to or at least a much fairer settlement?

When this happens, know that you are not alone. You don’t have to go through these denial, short-payment and delay tactics anymore.  At the Insurance Litigation Group, we can help you recover what you are owed. We will sue the insurance company on your behalf to seek the full payment. The good news is that our legal fees are paid by the insurance company, not you, and for those contractors with multiple claims, ILG has an advanced, password-protected case tracking system that enables you to know the status of each of your cases 24/7.  This takes the worry and wasted time out of having to constantly call your attorney.

Make sure you are properly represented by an experienced Florida insurance attorney. No recovery – no fee.  We do not charge you a percentage of your insurance proceeds that are received through litigation.

Representing Florida business owners with their Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

If you are a business owner and sustained damage from Hurricane Irma and are having a difficult time getting fairly paid for you property damage from your insurance company, you may want to consider professional legal representation from an experienced insurance attorney.  Once we take your information, we review your insurance policy and documentation of the damage and get to work.  First, we file a civil action against your insurance company, then we try to negotiate with them, go to mediation or trial.  Our objective is to make sure you are fairly paid so you can get back on your feet and repair the damage.  And with Insurance Litigation Group, our fees are paid by the insurance company; we do not take a percentage of the proceeds of your insurance claim that are received through litigation…

Representing Public Adjustors and their Insureds in Hurricane Irma Claims Disputes

Why do Public Adjustors Rely on the Insurance Litigation Group to representing them on their client’s Hurricane Irma insurance claims?  ILG has represented public adjusters for many years and appreciates the valuable role they play in representing home and business owners looking for independent, professional representation for their property damage cases. Public adjusters bring a wealth of knowledge in understanding the scope, required repairs and estimated costs of getting properties back to their original condition after a loss has occurred.

Quite often, public adjusters have their hurricane, tropical storm or other property damage claims denied by the insurance company or receive an inadequate offer insufficient to properly repair the property damage of an insured.  It’s also not uncommon for adjusters to experience delay tactics and run-around by insurance company claims departments that place them at risk of upsetting the insured.  Other roadblocks and hurdles include insurance companies requiring unreasonable documentation or claiming damage is below the deductible.

ILG attorneys have seen it all and routinely work with public adjusters throughout Florida in litigating their files to speed up the process and maximize recovery for their insureds.

Whether you have one case or 100 cases, let ILG put its experienced insurance attorneys to work for you to get your property owners what they truly deserve.

Our experienced insurance litigation attorneys will:  Jointly establish your goals, promptly handle your dispute in a diligent manner, review, analyze and interpret the insurance policy and all the claim documentation and photos to determine the full measure of damages, institute litigation against the insurance company and pursue it aggressively through trial, if necessary, to obtain the benefits you are entitled to, utilize cutting edge technology to keep you informed on the status of the claim(s), aggressively negotiate and advocate maximum settlements, try to meet and exceed your goals and objectives.

What Our Clients Say

“We were so tired of non-returned phone calls from our insurance company. Their claim to having sent payment when they hadn’t was ridiculous. We had spent 6 months trying to resolve with no luck. We called Insurance Litigation Group and they resolved our claim simply and professionally.” 

G. Monin

“Thank you for your swift attention to my case.  Everything ran smoothly.  They gave me multiple options and always answered the phone!”

M. Close

“Excellent law firm if you are having trouble getting your Florida homeowners insurance company to pay your hurricane claim fairly. They have an excellent reputation in the panhandle and throughout Florida.” 

A. Fiske

“Best law firm to deal with Hurricane Michael  home insurance disputes. They understand how to maximize your insurance payout when dealing with insurance adjusters and claims departments. Highly recommend.”

I. Britton

“We hired ILG when our public adjuster could push no further with our insurance company to get our claim settled after Hurricane Michael and he advised us to file a lawsuit. We recently settled and received our final payment checks a couple of days ago. My husband and I are very pleased with the results. ILG did a great job for us. Thank God for people like this to help homeowners when insurance companies don’t want to pay out after a disaster! I highly recommend ILG.”

J. Moore

“I was very happy with the time and work that ILGpa did for me. Without their help I would not have the positive results that I received. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend this group to anyone.”

M. Loranger

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