Hurricane Forecasts for your Block Minimize The ‘Cone of Uncertainty’

Jul 13, 2018

In past Hurricane Seasons, weather forecasts were dominated by the “cone of uncertainty.” When a hurricane approached, residents constantly questioned how bad the damage to their home would be or whether their community would actually be hit by the storm.

According to the Miami Herald, the National Weather Service has developed a way to put an end to the uncertainty. They have developed a web page that provides hurricane forecasts city by city and, more specifically, block by block.

The new web page offers a map that activates once a specific area goes under storm watch. Residents will be able to find a reasonable worst case scenario of how the storm could affect them and their home. They could check back every six hours for new information from the Hurricane Center.

There are four major threats the map focuses on – winds, flooding from storm surge or rainfall, and tornadoes. It then provides residents with the potential risks they may face.

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