Florida’s Roofers and Contractors At-Risk of Property Insurance Reform by FOIR and the Legislature

Apr 19, 2022

Governor DeSantis has agreed to hold a Special Session of the Florida Legislature in late May to tackle the state’s skyrocketing property insurance rates, claims and lawsuits that have resulted in several insurers closing and others cutting back on their exposure in the state.
It’s dangerous because the insurance companies are painting a picture that it is the Insured’s litigation that is costing prices to sky-rocket, instead of pointing out the fact that the insurance companies’ attorneys are heavily litigating these claims for years to prevent homeowners from receiving the policy benefits to which they are entitled.
We at Insurance Litigation Group are doing everything in our power along with legal and contractor trade associations to fight any measures that take away policyholder and/or contractor rights to properly repair or rebuild homes and businesses damaged by covered perils.
On a separate front, Florida’s roofers and contractors are under siege on several fronts including insurance companies cracking down on total roof replacement claims for older roofs and those with damage to under 25% of the roof.  Now Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation issued a new administrative decision allowing property insurers to offer more liberal-restrictive roof replacement policy language to homeowners in return for lower premiums.
While other Florida law firms stopped handling AOB cases, Insurance Litigation Group’s aggressive insurance litigation specialists continue to get Florida’s contractors paid. Before you give up on pursuing amounts you are entitled to be paid, send us your stubborn, unpaid claims to info@ilgpa.com. Give us a call at 786-529-0090
We are experts in the insurance field and have a unique and deep understanding of insurance law and provide superior customer service.
You can count on Insurance Litigation Group, where experience and rapid results matter.
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