Florida Keys Resort Reopens since Hurricane Irma

Apr 23, 2018

Commercial businesses such as shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, motels, retailers and restaurants were heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma and have been trying to get back in business since.

The South Florida Reporter said the Cheeca Lodge and Spa, a famous Florida Keys resort, just reopened in time for Easter Weekend on Friday, March 30 after more than 6 months and some $25 million of repairs and renovations since Hurricane Irma hit.

The resort took advantage of the reconstruction and included restoration projects beyond just fixing damages. Cheeca Lodge said they did not lay off employees that were hired before the storm.  During the closure staff helped with recovery, a portion of the 50 percent of the Keys labor force that’s employed in the tourism industry.

While the Cheeca Lodge and Spa in Islamorada is up and running now, other businesses and people are still struggling. Call Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) for help getting through to insurance companies about receiving more funds and getting back on your feet again.

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