Eta Updates: How Could South Florida be Affected?

Nov 6, 2020

The latest Eta forecasts have caused South Florida to be put under a flood watch. As experts monitor the storm, they are recognizing the potential of tropical-storm-force winds as well as drenching rain. According to the National Hurricane Center, Eta is expected to hit the Florida Keys and South Florida area around late weekend/early next week.

While it is probable to turn into a tropical storm sometime today, it is expected to prevent it from reaching hurricane strength when it hits Cuba on Sunday. Maximum predicted wind speeds are at 65mph- just 10 below a Category 1 storm.

Rain will likely begin on Friday, with winds expected to begin on Sunday. Experts are warning that the flood warning will most likely be in effect until Tuesday of next week. Experts are predicting that areas throughout South Florida can expect 5 to 15 inches of rain- or more.

Forecasters are warning that these predictions could change as Eta gets closer to South Florida, but that impactful flooding is definitely possible for the area. Tropical-storm-force winds are also likely, with chances ranging from 26%-40%, depending on the area.

As of Friday morning, Eta was moving at 7mph with 35mph maximum sustained winds, moving north-northeast. It is expected to pick up strength later today.

An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is expected to investigate Eta later Friday afternoon while an NOAA flight is scheduled for Friday evening, which will give more insight as to what to expect with Eta.

It is important to have a safe plan in place for any natural disaster. Make sure to have all supplies you may need in case of an emergency. You should always have an evacuation plan in place as well when facing a possible hurricane.

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