As Dust Shield in Atlantic Weakens, Hurricane Season May Strengthen

Aug 13, 2020

Experts are predicting that this 2020 hurricane season may be one of the most active, extreme seasons yet. Up until now, there has been a dusty layer covering Florida and the Gulf/Caribbean, acting as a shield against possible storms. This shield is known as the Saharan African Layer, (SAL), which collects moisture that stops potential threats from being able to form. Experts say that records were broken this 2020 season, as they saw the largest dust layer in the Atlantic over the past 20 years. Experts explain that this shield also helps prevent already formed storms from gaining their maximum strength. 

SAL moved quickly in the beginning of the summer season, and at one point was covering a span that reached 5,000 miles. NASA states that SAL not only acts as a shield from storms and hurricanes, but also provides fertilization in the Amazon and helps create beaches in the Caribbean. 

By August 15th, this dust covering is expected to reach its highest point, making it easier for storms to develop and advance from there on out. Experts believe that mid August is when the SAL begins to weaken, covering less and less space. 

SAL’s decline is something that many are not looking forward to- this hurricane season has already been different and stronger than previous ones, and the lack of SAL’s shield makes the season a bit more concerning. Experts are warning that there could be 19-25 potential named storms before this season comes to an end.

With all of this knowledge, preparing for an active, strong rest of this year’s hurricane season is critical. As a homeowner, it is especially important to make sure you review your homeowner’s policy before a storm hits, to ensure you are prepared. 

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